Belgian GP to be wet (2nd Update)

UPDATE This rumor is now downgraded to 'false.' Today's race will run in the dry.

08/24/16 According to this website, the weather will be more than OK for this weekends Spa F1 race, however, knowing how the weather can change so quickly in the mountains around Spa we cannot make this 'rumor' false just yet.

Spa is a very wet place
Spa is a very wet place

08/23/16 Since weathermen are so inaccurate, this can only be a rumor at best. The world of Formula One will re-light this weekend as we return from the summer break and head to Belgium. A track that is a favorite amongst fans and drivers, it always delivers fast and exciting racing.

Another interesting factor that could very well play it's part this weekend is the high chance of rain that is being forecast. Throughout the week and into the Friday sessions we should see clear and sunny conditions.

On the Saturday, reports suggest that it will be cloudy but the rain will more than likely stay away. However, in the afternoon of race day there is a 30-40% chance of some downpour which would no doubt bring some excitement.

If it does rain, fans will be hoping it will arrive after the race start with Charlie Whiting deciding a few times this year to start wet races behind the safety car, taking away the initial jolt of excitement as the drivers pull away as the lights go out.

Nevertheless the glamor of Spa is set to deliver a fascinating Grand Prix, in which Nico Rosberg looks to claw back some championship points.

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