NASCAR to start and end season in Daytona?

Whereas IndyCar management would rather run a silly road course race in May at Indy rather than end their season under the lights at Indy (Indy being the IndyCar Mecca) in what would be a very grand finale, NASCAR gets it. But then NASCAR seems to beat IndyCar at every turn, so why would this latest rumored move surprise you?

There renewed speculation that 2014 may yet indeed have a surprise NASCAR championship finale, and not at Homestead.


Daytona-to-Daytona is now being heard in the stock car garage as a possibility… part because of the huge construction projects set for play at that facility, but in part because NASCAR knows ending their season at Daytona (Daytona being NASCAR's Mecca).

<any fans have long insisted a Daytona championship finale could be a real zinger.

And where might Homestead-Miami fit in such a shakeup?

One possibility thrown out for consideration — under the lights July Fourth weekend. Couldn't be much hotter or rainier than Daytona that weekend, could it?

It all does sound rather far-fetched, though Daytona for the final race would certainly be a crowd pleaser.

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