Indy could be the last race for the #51 team

Phoenix Racing team owner, James Finch, has decided that enough is enough when it comes to owning a NASCAR team. Phoenix Racing has struggled over the last couple of years in getting a full time sponsor for the #51 Sprint Cup Series car and his #1 Nationwide Series car, which has made financing a Nationwide Series car and a Sprint Cup Series car difficult.

Phoenix started out the year with a deal with Guy Roofing, who sponsored the #51 car for the Daytona 500 and a couple other races, but since then Finch and Phoenix Racing have been in search of a major sponsor. That search has come up empty spurring rumors of the closing down of the Phoenix Racing team. Finch stopped by the News 13 station Wednesday for a One On One with News13's

Amy Hoyt and during the conversation, the topic of Phoenix Racing's future was discussed. Finch confirmed that after this summer, he is done with racing. Finch said " this is my last year racing hopefully it will be in July in the Brickyard. I am talking to some people that might buy the race team and if they do I might stay with them a few months. After that I will not invest any more money in it after this race in July." (see video of interview at

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