Did liberal media shun NRA 500?

If you thought that the media was fueling an anti-NRA bias in the wake of the group sponsoring a NASCAR race in Texas, the Associated Press (AP), ESPN, and even reportedly right-wing biased Fox fueled that theory with their handling of the race’s coverage.
ppp The AP wrote an entire article without referencing the race’s official name, the NRA 500. ESPN’s live, 1am ET edition of SportsCenter did the same thing. TheBlaze also received several tips from those who watched the race on Fox’s local affiliates saying the network, too, seemed to be erasing the NRA from it’s paid-for position.
ppp But further examination reveals that the three outlets seem to have been simply keeping in line with the way they’ve recently handled official race names, specifically when looking at last week’s race in Martinsville as a comparison.
ppp The AP’s recap of the NRA 500, titled “Kyle Busch gets NASCAR weekend sweep at Texas," references “Texas Motor Speedway" and “Saturday night in the Sprint Cup race," while also mentioning the controversy surrounding the “National Rifle Association." But it never goes on to mention the full race name.

Similarly, on Saturday’s early morning recap of the race on ESPN the anchors used more generic references to the race being in Texas. Likewise, the network’s graphics never showed the race’s correct, full name. More at TheBlaze

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