Andretti to start NASCAR team?

UPDATE #2 open wheel reporter Robin Miller joined Steve Byrnes on NASCAR Race Hub on SPEED Thursday evening to discuss Danica Patrick and Andretti Autosport among other things. Following is the transcript in part from the interview;

On any traction to the rumors of Andretti Autosport going to NASCAR:
Miller: "John Lopes (CFO of Andretti Autosport), who puts all their sponsorships together, said last week & I said, 'Hey, is there anything to this rumor that you guys might be going stock car racing?' He said, 'We're exploring. We're definitely looking into it.' So, we've heard that they might be connected to Roush, that they might be doing something with Ford Motor Company, but that kind of makes me wonder that Michael (Andretti) is probably not going to go with General Motors when the new engines come along next year, but everybody is assuming if Andretti goes to NASCAR, he'll just keep Danica. I don't think that's going to happen. I don't think that's going to happen at all. They're looking at opportunities to replace this GoDaddy money with some NASCAR money and I tell you what – that's a huge deficit to make up when you lose somebody like GoDaddy because it's probably the second or third biggest sponsorship in IndyCar racing and that's going to be tough to replace." SPEED

Mike Andretti taking his team to NASCAR?

06/13/11 According to sources, Andretti Autosport will field a Sprint Cup team with Ford cars and engineering support provided by Roush Fenway Racing.

06/13/11 On SPEED's Speed Report Sunday night , Robin Miller said that Andretti Autosport is considering starting a NASCAR team. Although Danica Patrick is rumored to be moving to NASCAR fulltime in 2012, Miller stated Andretti was not considering a NASCAR team for the sole purpose of keeping Danica in the Andretti camp. Miller asked, "…can Michael Andretti learn a Southern accent"?

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