Is new BMW a lemon?

UPDATE Robert Kubica admits BMW Sauber technicians are still scratching their heads over some of the problems with the new car.

Kubica and team-mate Nick Heidfeld have struggled to come to grips with the F1.08 during pre-season testing.

The Pole says the F1.07 was much easier to drive than the new car, and he isn't very optimistic that the problems will be sorted out soon.

"There are a couple of things that have been improved a lot but there are some issues still that I think will not be easy to fix, but of course the car is performing better," Kubica was quoted by Autosport. "I think half the problem is gone but the other half is there, and we cannot fix it quickly, so we are trying to balance the car as is. It is not easy to balance, in the windy conditions I think last year's car was easier to drive and set up than this year's car."

Kubica, though, is convinced it is not all doom and gloom for the Hinwil-based team.

"It is difficult to judge," he added. "It's difficult to compare but I think as the previous tests we are not working on the competitiveness, just trying to do our best, get the best from our car and try to learn new things. Of course we are getting better and from the driving point of view I am expecting more and more. There were a couple of things that were very positive, especially on the mechanical side, which made our car quicker and easier to drive and that is very positive." BBC Sport

BMW Sauber F1.08

02/06/08 BMW Sauber drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica believe it is still too early to judge the new F1.08, but the two are positive everything will be in place once the season gets underway.

Both drivers admitted that they were not completely satisfied with the car during the first few tests at Barcelona, but are convinced it is only a matter of time before everything falls into place.

Heidfeld told Autosport: "We have learned a bit about the car and it seems to be a bit more competitive. We can place the car better, although it is still not as good as I want or as consistent as I want.

"And overall it is still not what we hoped for or expected. But at least we are now in a comfortable window.

"It is too early to say how we are doing, as we don't know the car well enough yet. It looks like it suits Barcelona a bit better, but there are so many bits coming to the first race that it is too early to make predictions." Sky Sports

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