World Series Formula V8 3.5 rejoins the FIA WEC in six events in Europe, America and Asia

FR 3.5 Grid
FR 3.5 Grid

FIA WEC and WORLD SERIES FORMULA V8 3.5 will offer and unbeatable show to the motorsports fans packing the adrenaline from the Endurance races in prototypes and the sprint single-seater races.

Both of the World Series races will be celebrated on prime-time during the weekend with Race 1 before the FIA WEC Qualifying and Race 2 just before the main Endurance race.

World Series Formula V8 3.5 will continue its role as one of the leading formation championships for drivers aiming to progress into a professional status and offers to all his competitors over 2 hours of track time. The competition weekend format will keep two separated qualifying sessions to define each grid with its second race displaying a compulsory pit-stop.

"Being our discipline the championship that offers the most track time to our drivers we allow them to carry-on with the best prep for their future professional career either in Formula One, IndyCar or FIA WEC. They have no rival in race prep!" comments Jaime Alguersuari, executive president in RPM- MKTG “To join in 2017 the FIA WEC secures all our drivers the best showcase for their professional Development in any of the professional motorsports disciplines!".

Weekend Format during the FIA WEC Events Day 1

Collective Test 1 – 50 minutes

Collective Test 2 – 50 minutes

Qualifying 1 – 30 minutes

Day 2

Qualifying 2 – 30 minutes

Race 1 – 40 minutes + 1 Lap

Day 3

Race 2 – 40 minutes + 1 lap (Pit Stop Compulsory)

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