Max Wilson clinches pole position after fierce fight

Max Wilson
Max Wilson

Londrina held a breathtaking qualifying session this Saturday afternoon for Brazilian V8 Stock Cars round 8. The 29-car field have 24 cars within the same second, and the end of the session the top three cars fought hard for pole, finishing split by only eight thousandths of a second. Eurofarma-RC’s Max Wilson set the fastest lap time and got his fifth pole-position in his Brazilian V8 Stock Car career.

The former IndyCar and V8 Supercars racer was one of the last two remaining cars to try his fastest lap on the 3.055-km long and tight circuit. Wilson set a 1min11s609 mark, taking the sweet taste of P1 from Caca Bueno’s grasp by only 0s007.

"I did not have a clean lap. I made a mistake on turn 1 and lost a little bit of time there, so I think I could have done better", said the 2010 champion. "Anyway, seven thousandths or seven tenths, it is still pole position. I am happy with it and the chances of doing a solid race are high. That is what I am going to go for tomorrow", said Max, currently second-placed in the championship standings 33 points behind Felipe Fraga, who starts third only 0s001 behind Cacá Bueno.

Local hero Valdeno Brito starts fourth after leading most of the sessionpoints behind Felipe Fraga, who starts third only 0s001 behind Caca Bueno close the top-10 positions on the grid.

The double-header starts this Sunday 1 pm for the first heat – 45 minutes long – and 2:10 pm for the 30-minute heat. All times are local.

Starting Grid – Londrina*:
1-) 65 Max Wilson (Eurofarma RC) – 1min11s609 (153.5 km/h)
2-) 0 Cacá Bueno (Red Bull Racing) – 1min11s616
3-) 88 Felipe Fraga (Cimed Racing) – 1min11s617
4-) 77 Valdeno Brito (TMG Racing) – 1min11s651
5-) 73 Sergio Jimenez (Cavaleiro Sports) – 1min11s690
6-) 70 Diego Nunes (Uniao Quimica Racing) – 1min11s764
7-) 80 Marcos Gomes (Cimed Racing) – 1min11s799
😎 111 Rubens Barrichello (Full Time Sports) – 1min11s805
9-) 90 Ricardo Mauricio (Eurofarma RC) – 1min11s815
10-) 29 Daniel Serra (Red Bull Racing) – 1min11s824
11-) 18 Allam Khodair (Full Time Sports) – 1min11s841
12-) 21 Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga-RCM) – 1min11s901
13-) 46 Vitor Genz (Eisenbahn Racing Team) – 1min11s909
14-) 4 Julio Campos (C2 Axalta Racing) – 1min11s991
15-) 12 Lucas Foresti (Full Time-ProGP) – 1min12s164
16-) 51 Atila Abreu (Shell Racing) – 1min12s287
17-) 8 Rafael Suzuki (Vogel Motorsport) – 1min12s344
18-) 5 Denis Navarro (Vogel Motorsport) – 1min12s351
19-) 110 Felipe Lapenna (Hot Car Competi̵̤es) Р1min12s356
20-) 10 Ricardo Zonta (Shell Racing) – 1min12s406
21-) 28 Galid Osman (Ipiranga-RCM) – 1min12s429
22-) 25 Tuka Rocha (RZ Motorsport) – 1min12s482
23-) 63 Nestor Girolami (Eisenbahn Racing Team) – 1min12s516
24-) 56 Danilo Dirani (RZ Motorsport) – 1min12s559
25-) 26 Raphael Abbate (Hot Car Competicoes) – 1min12s688
26-) 9 Guga Lima (TMG Racing) – 1min12s693
27-) 83 Gabriel Casagrande (C2 Axalta Racing) – 1min12s704
28-) 74 Popo Bueno (Cavaleiro Sports) – 1min13s034
29-) 3 Bia Figueiredo (Uniao Química Racing) – no time set
*Unofficial Results

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