Monotony of Vettel dominance ‘irrelevant’ – Sutil

Adrian Sutil respect Vettel's brilliance

(GMM) Amid the boos and the boredom, Adrian Sutil has backed his countryman Sebastian Vettel.

"The best wins," German Sutil, who drives for Force India, told the German broadcaster Sky at Suzuka.

"If the best is the best for a decade, that's how it is," he insisted.

Sutil was defending world champion Vettel amid claims the Red Bull driver's dominance is making F1 boring.

The German was booed on the podium after winning in Spa, Monza and Singapore, and is now on the cusp of a fourth consecutive drivers' title.

Vettel revealed on Friday he has held talks with his team about his unpopularity, with engineer Guillaume Rocquelin recently heard on the radio urging his driver to do a 'Mexican wave' rather than the despised 'finger'.

"Finger!" Vettel replied emphatically.

"We have had a little bit of a chat as some people for some reason seem to get offended, but I think the most important is you are who you are and stick to that," 26-year-old Vettel told the British broadcaster Sky.

Sutil, meanwhile, said it is ridiculous Vettel is having to defend himself for being too successful.

"It's a sport — at least I think it's still a sport," he said.

"It is not entertainment, otherwise we would be like wrestlers and say 'Today you win, then me'.

"As long as he (Vettel) is the best, he wins — it's irrelevant whether it is boring or not, you have to respect it," he insisted.

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