Villeneuve flops again

Jacques Villeneuve has a long list of creative excuses for his poor results

The former Formula 1 champion had to leave the race seven laps to the checkered flag in the Top Race V6 series race at Sao Paulo, Brazil. One of his rivals bumped him and took him out of the competition. He will race two months from now in Buenos Aires. "I want to have better result over there", he noted.

"Now I want to improve and get a better result in Buenos Aires," said Villeneuve before leaving his Mercedes TRV6 box in Interlagos, after he was out of the race with seven laps to go in the Argentinean Top Race V6 series.

The former Formula 1 champion admitted not feeling good about his performance at Interlagos, a circuit in which he won in 1997 while in Formula 1. "I'm not happy with my performance, because I came here from very far away and I couldn't meet the expectations. Maybe it was the car, maybe we could have avoided the bump, or probably it was me," he expressed. [It was him, he's washed up.]
When speaking of the bump that caused him to leave the race, Villeneuve was firm: "It was a stupid and unnecessary bump. I come here to race twice a year, so you don't need to bump me like that. But it's OK, I will have another chance in Buenos Aires, my revenge."

Villeneuve also commented about the Mercedes TRV6. "The car was very good in the turns and braking zones, but in the straightaways the rhythm of the engine wasn't good. I hope we can improve before Buenos Aires, where I want to do a better job," admitted the former Formula 1 champion.

Jacques was running 17th when Leonel Pernía bumped him in the rear of the car while going through a turn. This bump damaged the right rear tire, which made Villeneuve get into the pits and eventually out of the race.

However, Jacques maintained the same smile he put through the weekend and promised to work towards The Race of the Year in Buenos Aires. He also thanked the way he was received and greeted the journalists and fans who got close to the team pits. "Being in Brazil, in a Top Race event was another great experience. I feel very comfortable racing here," he assured.

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