We won’t put Legge in a bikini and drape her over a car

Kevin Kalkhoven was also asked if his PKV Toyota/Atlantic driver Katherine Legge will be promoted to Champ Car next year to try to reap some of the promotional benefits Danica Patrick has brought to the IRL this year.

"Any driver who comes into the series has to be capable of winning," he replied. "With Katherine, she's not automatically assured a drive in Champ Car. She has to prove her worth because I'm not going to endanger other drivers by putting someone who is not prepared for Champ Cars in the seat. Having said that, I think she is going to be a strong and competitive driver. She has to earn her stripes.

"No matter what happens, I'm not going to automatically put her in and say, 'We need you for publicity. Would you mind getting in a bikini and draping yourself over a car?' (Obviously referring to the sexual exploitation of Danica Patrick) She's a professional driver and that's what we need in the series. I'm not going to give anyone a ride because she's a woman, nor would I expect her to be given an unfair advantage in the series against everyone else." ChampCar.ws

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