Hornish could be interested in #9 car

While [Sam Hornish's] competitive side yearns for a full-time NASCAR ride, he's also the married father of three and relishes his family time. Hornish has examined other possibilities and acknowledged that those have included the coming vacancy in Richard Petty Motorsports #9 car. But he said his next ride would have to be the right situation. He insists that he still has "a lot going on" between testing, public appearances and TV commentary on the IndyCar series. But until Hornish finds something that fits, he's happy learning things from a different perspective with JGR. "I can't tell you exactly what I want right now," said Hornish, who's trying to stay in shape as he considers his options.

"The perfect thing is not available. I'd like to be full time next year; I want to put myself in a good place with good opportunities, good people around it. That was one of the great things about being able to come to Joe Gibbs Racing, just to see how things are run a little bit differently," Hornish said. "For me, while a lot of people might have taken things harder, I just enjoyed the fact of getting a little bit of a new outlook on life and what's going on around me." Associated Press

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