Road to Indy ladder system to get major boost

UPDATE Well, not only is Randy Bernard working his magic on the IndyCar series, it seems he's doing likewise on the Road to Indy Ladder system. We hear there is some excellent news coming next week regarding the Road to Indy program! If the rumors can be believed, around Thursday we’ll hear the announcement of a title sponsor for the Road to Indy program! The announcement and details of the potential deal will be announced at the Performance Racing Industry show and will include a big boost for the Star Mazda champion to move up to Indy Lights the following year. If Randy Bernard keeps this up we wonder if he can walk on water too? With so many good things happening in IndyCar now just imagine where it would be if this was 1995 when CART had IndyCar bigger than NASCAR and he was put in charge and Anton George never started the IRL? With George out of the way Bernard has been able to work his magic even in this down economy. Imagine what he can do once the economy picks up.

10/11/10 Rumor has it that IndyCar will drop Star Mazda from its ladder system because the prize they give the champion is for a ride in Grand-Am, owned by archrival the France family. The France family likes nothing better than to suck up all the best young American driving talent to help ensure IndyCar's failure. What young open wheel driver who has any talent would want to race Grand-Am GT cars, a series no one (except those that actually race in it) cares about?

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