Champ Car teams to run Atlantics

UPDATE Just before the race in Denver, Champ Car's biggest supporter Paul Newman talked to his racing partner Carl Haas about Formula Atlantic. "We need to support the Atlantic series," Newman told Haas. "All the Champ Car teams should support the Atlantic series. We should have our own Atlantic teams or help support existing Atlantic teams.

"We need to build the interest in the new young stars," Newman went on. "We need to do it just like Hollywood has always done it in the movie industry. We need to promote the new young talent and build interest in them among the fans so that they know who these guys and gals are and already have a fan following by the time they arrive in Champ Cars."

08/14/05 We have it on good word that a move is afoot by some of the top Champ Car teams to not only join Team Australia and Mi-Jack Conquest Racing in also running a new Champ Car Atlantic team, but to convince all the other Champ Car team owners to do the same. If this happens, it will be another major boost to the series and we hear the number of orders is so large already that some people are worried Swift will need to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure all the teams have a car for the first race next year in Long Beach.

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