Scenes from the Roger Penske Museum

Photos from the Roger Penske Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona. Roger Penske is one of the greats of motorsports as an owner in IndyCar, NASCAR and IMSA. These are his cars. It includes many Indy 500 winning cars. A lot of history in this place. For free.

Indy and IMSA 72 Donohue Sonoco Spl Mears Pennzoil Car #12 NASCAR Dodge
Scene Penske Mercedes Keselowski Ford 2002 Castroneves Win
Camaro Pace Car 100th Penske Win Penske Honda Marlboro 500 trophy
Mears Penske Sneva 200mph McLaren #6 Mears Pennzoil car #8 McLaren Cosworth
Andretti IROC VI champ #4 Mears Penske Andretti '79 IROC Car #1 Mears Penske
Marlboro Penske Penske IndyCars #2 Keselowski Ford #22 Logano Mustang
#22 Logano Mustang #22 Logano Mustang Chevy IndyCar engines 1969 Donahue IndyCar
Mears Pennzoil March Lamborghini 488 Ferrari Hurst Camaro Pace Car
72 Hurst Pace Car Bricks of Indy Penske CART IndyCar Andretti IROC Camaro
1969 Donohue IndyCar 1969 Donohue IndyCar Andretti IROC Winner Entrance
Marlboro IndyCars Ferrari 488 Mears Penske March #2 Keselowski Ford
Sullivan Spin & Win Car IMSA Porsche CART 240 mph IndyCar Penske IMSA Porsche
CART Marlboro Chevy Sneva 200mph IndyCar Penske drove this Sullivan 1985 March
1985 Indy 500 winner IndyCar IRL IndyCars Donohue '74 Porsche

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