Pocono IndyCar race future in doubt

Will Power winning in 2016
Will Power winning in 2016

With another small crowd expected this weekend we're not sure how much longer the IndyCar/Pocono partnership will last. As long as the ABC sponsorship lasts we assume. Without it the Raceway would take a financial bath.

Pocono just got finished holding two near sellout NASCAR races within the span of 6 weeks. Now three weeks later who thinks the market can support a third race?

Of course not, and except for the Indy 500, IndyCar race fans avoid the oval races like the plaque.

You'll be able to shoot a cannon in the grandstands this weekend and not hit anyone. The tickets available are computer-grid generated – it spaces the fans out to give the illusion of a crowd at a low camera angle. All that bare aluminum will make IndyCar look like a complete loser. Too bad because the racing will be good.

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