McLaren F1 In Pole Position For Seat At F1 Board after getting rid of Dennis

With miserable Ron Dennis gone McLaren will get a seat
With miserable Ron Dennis gone McLaren will get a seat

The McLaren Formula 1 team is "in pole position to get a seat on the board of the sport following the recent sale of a 25% stake in the outfit" which was owned by former Chair Ron Dennis, according to Christian Sylt for the London INDEPENDENT.

McLaren is "now on track to join the exclusive club" of Ferrari and reigning champion Mercedes, which "both have a say in how F1 is run through having a director on the board of the sport's parent company."

At the end of last month, McLaren announced Dennis would be replaced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa.

The owners have been "locked in a bitter dispute" with Dennis over the past five years and it is understood that "this was a hurdle to McLaren taking up an F1 board seat" which it was offered in '12 as a benefit of committing to race in the sport.

Now that McLaren has "cleared its shareholder gridlock," the team is "in a position to take up the board seat."

A source close to the team said, "I don't think McLaren has made any decisions on it yet." INDEPENDENT,

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