F1 eyes return to Adelaide

Adelaide's City Council will make a request to the South Australian State Government to explore whether or not the Australian Grand Prix could return to the city in the future.

According to Adelaide's The Advertiser, the City Council this week settled on a formal position and will send a letter to the State Government asking them to look into a return.

Adelaide was Australia's first Formula 1 host, the Grand Prix running on the city's streets from 1985 to 1995, before it moved to Melbourne for the 1996 event and beyond.

Adelaide now hosts V8 Supercars on a shortened circuit.

"We'd just like to see the State Government take the steps to see if it is viable and whether a pitch could be made," Councilor Alex Antic was quoted by The Advertiser.

Tourism Minister Leon Bignell, however, has already slammed the idea, describing the make-up of Adelaide City Council as "the most infuriating people in South Australia".

"How about they put in some money so we can get the grandstands up a bit quicker, which will make their ratepayers happy?" he was quoted by the publication last week.

"Look at Bathurst; their council put in $6 million. These clowns put in $50,000 and charge us $100,000. They are big on complaining but not putting their hands in their pockets.

"We're not interested in it [hosting the Grand Prix again]."

Melbourne has a deal to host the Australian GP until 2023.

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