Overheard in Miami at the ROC

This event has bounced around from country to country over the years as it has had a difficult time drawing a big crowd. Rumor has it the event might stay in Miami
for 3 straight years, which would help to build date equity. The drivers all loved Miami and the stadium is domed to keep out the rain. It is also air conditioned even
though one end is open. The Ryder's Cup of Racing, called the Nations Cup, was very popular with the Americans going against the foreign drivers just as they do in
golf. The Saturday attendance was 15,000, which in the big stadium looked sparse, but we are told the event makes its money on the worldwide TV revenue and its
more a made-for-TV spectacular from a financial standpoint. With that said if this race does indeed stay in Miami and gets some date equity, we think the crowds
will grow as they really got into the closeness of the races.

Ran into Colton Herta and his team co-owner George Steinbrenner IV, here to take in all the action before heading to Homestead, FL for a test this coming Thursday
then on the Sebring. Both tests are with his new Andretti-Steinbrenner Indy Lights car. The plan right now is to do two years of Indy Lights before moving up to

Rumor has it that Honda is taking a serious look at doing something with the Race of Champions going forward. Whether that would be in the way of supplying a car
for the event or sponsoring the event, we don't think that has been determined yet.

We hear the hotel in Toronto that has caused the race promoters to move pitlane still has not opened. The hotel is government owned and the red tape and political
pocket-lining is rampant. Hopefully it will be opened before the July IndyCar race. A 2nd hotel is planned for the site, but given the delays and cost overruns the first
hotel has had, it's doubtful the 2nd one will ever get built. With all that said, we here the race is on sound footing now and should remain a mainstay for years to
come. Mark C. reporting from Miami

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