Zandvoort granted permit for Dutch GP upgrade

The Tree Huggers lose this round
The Tree Huggers lose this round

(GMM) Crucial upgrade works at Zandvoort to prepare for the 2020 Dutch GP can go ahead for now.

We reported this week that environmental opposition groups had gone to court to complain that work at the circuit had started without all the proper permits being granted.

But the Noord-Hollands Dagblad newspaper now says the local province has indeed granted the most needed permit. A province spokesperson confirmed the news.

And Zandvoort circuit director Robert van Overdijk said: "We have shown that nitrogen emissions will only decrease in the coming years, as per the new legislation.

"With this step, Zandvoort has also shown that we take the law and the regulations very seriously, even though there are some who like to believe otherwise."

However, two more court proceedings lie ahead for the circuit, with one – relating to the surrounding sand dunes and wildlife – to be heard on Monday.

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