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AutoRacing1 (AR1) is a subscription motorsports website based in New Jersey, with staff working for the most part virtually, like so many other businesses today. With our comprehensive motorsports coverage, readers have been visiting AR1 for over two decades to read about IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula 1, sports cars, the NHRA, and a variety of other racing series. 

Founded in 2000 during the height of the transition from print to digital media, ‘AR1’ quickly developed a reputation for its willingness to challenge the status quo. Shunned in media rooms as “those internet guys”, we went to work serving our readers by bringing them the news faster and exploring topics many assumed to be off limits.  To this day, our loyal readership remains strong, particularly among those who work in the racing industry.

Which is exactly why you should subscribe too (limited content is free and not behind a paywall).

Yes, what you read in these pages may be unpopular or politically incorrect. But rest assured: what we write is what we believe to be the truth. As an independently owned and operated service, we answer to no one but you, our readers. And with that in mind, we will continue seeking the truth for years to come. 

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