Alonso to consider 2021 return ‘next summer’

Fernando Alonso's F1 career is over
Fernando Alonso's F1 career is over

(GMM) Fernando Alonso says he will give thought "next summer" to the idea of returning to Formula 1 in 2021.

The 38-year-old quit F1 at the end of 2018, but he never ruled out a return. He has raced at Le Mans, the Indy 500, and is currently preparing for the 2020 Dakar Rally.

"I think that today I do not consider returning to F1," Alonso told Antena 3.

"I have not missed it and I have done things that fulfil me more. But I still love Formula 1 and watch qualifying and the races.

"It is true that the cars will change in 2021 so next summer I will think about it. I cannot predict the future.

"But the most curious thing is that since November, the thing I have heard the most is 'You have to come back'."

However, Alonso says he already has clear plans for 2020. After the Indy 500 debacle of this year with McLaren, he confirmed that he will "try again" to complete the triple crown next year.

"The problem with F1 is that already in February you know where you will be for the rest of the year. I would say the chance of returning is 50-50.

"I will think about it, but I promise nothing."

Reportedly still involved in his management, Flavio Briatore last week said Alonso would only return for a top-three team.

"Flavio says something every couple of months, and some of it resembles what I said," Alonso smiled.

"I will look at the 2021 rules but so far I have not felt any need to return. I would not have come back in 2020. This year has been very rewarding.

"There is still a year and a half ahead in which I don't want to think much beyond the Dakar or Indy," he said.

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