Ferrari has ‘fantastic chance’ to win in 2020 – Domenicali

Can Ferrari really win 2020 title?
Can Ferrari really win 2020 title?

(GMM) The Formula 1 grid has rarely been as rich with driver talent, according to former Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali.

"After many years, we are facing a new situation," the now Lamborghini CEO is quoted by Italian radio Rai.

"There have never been so many strong drivers," Domenicali added.

The 54-year-old Italian is also president of the FIA's single seater commission, so he says the depth of talent in F1 "means the chain under Formula 1 is working".

"We have young drivers like Leclerc and Verstappen, and behind them Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. From a driver point of view we don't have scarce resources," Domenicali continued.

"It's difficult to make a ranking, but Lewis Hamilton is about to win another title which means he is already on the Olympus of Formula 1.

"Leclerc seems to be twice his age in terms of maturity and Verstappen, although petulant at first, seems to have found a different approach now," he added.

Domenicali was also asked about his former team, and he agrees that Ferrari has achieved "much less than it should have" in 2019.

"Without Bahrain and other races that characterized this season, this end of 2019 would have been different because of how much the car has been developed in recent months," he said.

"I believe they will have a fantastic chance in 2020."

As for Ferrari's current boss, Domenicali says Mattia Binotto is "extraordinary".

"I think he will cope with managing these two strong drivers with a very clear situation that makes it a strength and not a weakness. The team must think clearly without endless discussions," he said.

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