Kubica undecided over F1 role for 2020

Steiner salivating over option to get Kubica's big check
Steiner salivating over option to get Kubica's big check

(GMM) Robert Kubica has admitted he may switch to Haas for 2020.

It is believed his sponsor, the Polish oil company PK Orlen, is in talks to move its backing from Williams to the small American team.

Whether Kubica follows Orlen is another matter.

"Maybe, but not necessarily," he answered when asked about Haas by Sokolim Okiem.

"A lot depends on the possibilities and what I will be doing as a basic thing next year.

"Once it is clear what I will do mainly, what sporting program I have, I will see if it can be combined with something or not."

It is believed Kubica will only consider staying in F1 as a development driver if his main racing activities – presumably in a different series – allows it.

"As I said, a lot will depend on how busy I will be," he said.

"Let's wait and bit and see what will be possible next year from a racing point of view.

"If I don't race anywhere, it will be my decision. And I'm pretty sure that if I want to race, I will race."

Although he has struggled on his return to F1 this season, Kubica insists it was his decision to leave Williams at the end of the year.

"The moment such a thought comes into your mind, it is a sign that you should consider it," he said.

Referring to Suzuka, which is greatly loved by most drivers, Kubica told reporters: "Nine years ago I wasn't much slower than now, although we had 250 horsepower less.

"It was cooler when I was driving at the pace of the leaders and starting from the second row. Now, well – it's different."

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