Penske Car first, IndyCar drivers dead last in practice

Coulthard was 2nd quick in the #12 Penske Mustang
Coulthard was 2nd quick in the #12 Penske Mustang

The pace was incredible on the opening day of the 2019 Bathurst 1000, with Team Penske's Scott McLaughlin breaking his 2017 lap record with a flying run around the 6.2km Mount Panorama circuit.

The pace was massively fast in every session, with the times inside the 2m04s bracket in Practice 1 and co-driver times in the 2m05s in Practice 2.

The Penske Shell V-Power Racing Team worked on the Coulthard/D’Alberto and McLaughlin/Premat Mustangs across the day, with ideal conditions in Practice 3 with low ambient temperatures and a dry track allowing drivers to take advantage of green tires late in the session.

Coulthard and McLaughlin both ran their fastest laps ever around Mount Panorama, with McLaughlin resetting his own lap record with a 2m03.7728.

Andretti WUA Drivers Embarrass Themselves

The view McLaughlin will have each time he come up to lap the Rossi/Hinchcliffe car
The view McLaughlin will have each time he comes up to lap the Rossi/Hinchcliffe car

Meanwhile at the back of the grid every practice session was the Andretti car. Beaten in IndyCar all year, and beaten in Supercars all year, the Roger Penske outfit continued to eat the Andretti team's lunch.

Alexander Rossi and James Hinchcliffe ran dead last in 2 of the 3 sessions and the only thing they are going to accomplish this weekend is to make IndyCar drivers look inferior to the Supercar regulars.

Mission not accomplished we suppose.


COULTHARD QUOTE: "I can't be unhappy with today. Any day you get to drive a race car around Mount Panorama is a good day. It's fast out there, that was my fastest ever lap around this place. It’s going to be a fast weekend, that's for sure."

MCLAUGHLIN QUOTE: “You’re hanging on over the top now, it’s unbelievable the grip of the cars and I think everyone is having a full dip. The second last corner, I dropped a wheel there. That was a moment and a half because I kept my foot into it, I’m an idiot, I’ve got to remember it’s Thursday! There’s a little bit here and there, the green side of the car felt alright, so the left-handers were pretty good, but the right-handers it’s still a little bit loose. We’ll tune it up overnight and throw a set of greens on it tomorrow and see. Hopefully it doesn’t rain."

D’ALBERTO QUOTE: "That's the fastest I've ever been around Bathurst! It’s really quick this year, as we can see from Scott breaking the record on the first day. Car 12 is feeling pretty strong. We have a little bit of work to do, but we're looking good."

PREMAT QUOTE: “Being back at Mount Panorama is always great, and watching Scott break the lap record was special. The car feels nice, it feels strong and I’m pretty happy. Bathurst is always a good time, a good race and I think we are in a strong position."

Results: Practice 1

Pos Num Team/Sponsor Driver(s) Car Time
1 888 Red Bull Holden Racing Team J.Whincup/C.Lowndes/G.Tander Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.6744
2 5 The Bottle-O Racing Team L.Holdsworth/T.Randle/J.Moffat Ford Mustang GT 2:04.8648
3 99 Penrite Racing A.De Pasquale/W.Brown/L.Youlden Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.0634
4 55 Supercheap Auto Racing C.Mostert/T.Randle/J.Moffat Ford Mustang GT 2:05.0945
5 97 Red Bull Holden Racing Team S.van Gisbergen/C.Lowndes/G.Tander Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.1578
6 9 Penrite Racing D.Reynolds/W.Brown/L.Youlden Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.2012
7 12 Shell V-Power Racing Team F.Coulthard/T.D’Alberto/A.Premat Ford Mustang GT 2:05.2210
8 17 Shell V-Power Racing Team S.McLaughlin/T.D’Alberto/A.Premat Ford Mustang GT 2:05.3329
9 15 Castrol Racing R.Kelly/B.Fullwood/D.Wood Nissan Altima 2:05.4112
10 78 Team Harvey Norman S.De Silvestro/D.Fiore/A.Rullo Nissan Altima 2:05.4728
11 7 Plus Fitness Racing A.Heimgartner/B.Fullwood/D.Wood Nissan Altima 2:05.7383
12 23 Milwaukee Racing W.Davison/M.Caruso/A.Davison Ford Mustang GT 2:05.8082
13 6 Monster Energy Racing Team C.Waters/M.Caruso/A.Davison Ford Mustang GT 2:05.8094
14 35 Bigmate Racing T.Hazelwood/J.Smith Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.8689
15 8 7-Eleven Mobil Racing N.Percat/T.Blanchard/A.Walsh Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.9786
16 14 Freightliner Alliance Racing T.Slade/T.Blanchard/A.Walsh Holden Commodore ZB 2:06.0683
17 34 Boost Mobile Racing J.Golding/R.Muscat/C.Pither Holden Commodore ZB 2:06.0912
18 2 Mobil 1 Racing S.Pye/J.Perkins/W.Luff Holden Commodore ZB 2:06.2302
19 18 Irwin Racing M.Winterbottom/S.Richards Holden Commodore ZB 2:06.2446
20 3 Racing G.Jacobson/D.Fiore/A.Rullo Nissan Altima 2:06.3389
21 22 Mobil 1 Racing J.Courtney/J.Perkins/W.Luff Holden Commodore ZB 2:06.7077
22 33 Boost Mobile Racing R.Stanaway/R.Muscat/C.Pither Holden Commodore ZB 2:06.9316
23 56 Team Arcoweld Racing B.Kostecki/J.Kostecki Holden Commodore ZB 2:07.5973
24 21 Team CoolDrive M.Jones/D.Canto Holden Commodore ZB 2:07.6944
25 19 Truck Assist TEKNO Racing J.Le Brocq/J.Webb Holden Commodore ZB 2:08.0006
26 27 NAPA Auto Parts Racing A.Rossi/J.Hinchcliffe Holden Commodore ZB 2:09.2497

Results: Practice 3

Pos Num Team/Sponsor Driver(s) Car Time
1 17 Shell V-Power Racing Team Scott McLaughlin Ford Mustang GT 2:03.7728
2 888 Red Bull Holden Racing Team Jamie Whincup Holden Commodore ZB 2:03.9327
3 6 Monster Energy Racing Team Cameron Waters Ford Mustang GT 2:03.9490
4 23 Milwaukee Racing Will Davison Ford Mustang GT 2:03.9918
5 55 Supercheap Auto Racing C.Mostert/J.Moffat Ford Mustang GT 2:04.0622
6 5 The Bottle-O Racing Team Lee Holdsworth Ford Mustang GT 2:04.0673
7 12 Shell V-Power Racing Team Fabian Coulthard Ford Mustang GT 2:04.1348
8 97 Red Bull Holden Racing Team Shane van Gisbergen Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.1501
9 99 Penrite Racing Anton De Pasquale Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.3315
10 15 Castrol Racing Rick Kelly Nissan Altima 2:04.4975
11 14 Freightliner Alliance Racing Tim Slade Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.5245
12 22 Mobil 1 Racing James Courtney Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.5398
13 7 Plus Fitness Racing Andre Heimgartner Nissan Altima 2:04.6028
14 18 Irwin Racing Mark Winterbottom Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.7099
15 34 Boost Mobile Racing James Golding Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.7188
16 3 Racing Garry Jacobson Nissan Altima 2:04.7546
17 8 7-Eleven Mobil Racing Nick Percat Holden Commodore ZB 2:04.8205
18 35 Bigmate Racing Todd Hazelwood Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.1352
19 33 Boost Mobile Racing Richie Stanaway Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.2452
20 2 Mobil 1 Racing S.Pye/W.Luff Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.2683
21 78 Team Harvey Norman S.De Silvestro/A.Rullo Nissan Altima 2:05.7410
22 21 Team CoolDrive M.Jones/D.Canto Holden Commodore ZB 2:05.8574
23 19 Truck Assist TEKNO Racing Jack Le Brocq Holden Commodore ZB 2:07.1522
24 27 NAPA Auto Parts Racing Alexander Rossi Holden Commodore ZB 2:07.2281

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