Jay Frye refuses to call the IndyCar Halo what it is

IndyCar Halo

IndyCar Halo

F1 Halo

Jay Frye says IndyCar's Windscreen is not a Halo. "When you think of the upper frame, the people call it a halo," said Frye again in Laguna Seca.

"It's really not a halo, it's a frame that the screen sits in.

"But the frame has as much strength — is stronger than a halo"

Message to Jay Frye: Get Real! Just because it's not round tubing like an F1 Halo, what you call a 'frame' is a Halo that will protect the driver.

He must think we are all stupid. It's a Halo above and around the drivers head with a windscreen mounted to it!

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