Hamilton tops Practice 2 in Singapore

Hamilton should win again in 2019
Hamilton should win again in 2019

Sandbagging Lewis Hamilton showed a little more speed in the 2nd practice for the Singapore GP with a time of 1m38.773s to lead all comers Friday evening in Singapore's 2nd practice session.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen, fastest in Practice 1, was 2nd quick 0.184s back.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel was third quick but a whopping 0.818s behind the Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas )Mercedes) and Alexander Albon (Red Bull) rounded out the top-5.

Also a retiree from FP1, Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari shrugged off a suspected gearbox issue that had cost him running in the first practice session and the Monegasque driver finished sixth, albeit 1.245s behind Hamilton.

Consistently among the fastest midfield runners this season, McLaren’s Carlos Sainz was only a tenth slower than Leclerc, and ahead of Renault rival Nico Hulkenberg. Sainz’s team mate Lando Norris was ninth in the session, the rookie having spent an extra few days in Singapore to get acclimatised.

Rounding out the top 10, Pierre Gasly edged out his Toro Rosso team mate Daniil Kvyat by a tenth, and only half a second split Hulkenberg (P8) from team mate Daniel Ricciardo in P12.

Frustration dawned on Racing Point’s Sergio Perez as he appeared to squeeze Haas’s Kevin Magnussen (19th in FP2) towards the wall in Sector 3 as the two jostled for position on slow laps. Stewards noted the incident and Perez was summoned to them after the session.


Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport

Lewis Hamilton (1st, 1:38.773): "It's always a shock to the system when you first get in the car here in Singapore because it's very bumpy, it's a long lap and it's so hot out there – it's like a sauna in the car. But it's been a solid first day, we got through our run plan and continued to improve the car, so I'm really happy with it. I felt much better in the car today than I have for a while, so I hope I can keep that feeling over the weekend. They re-did a few bits of tarmac on the circuit and I managed to get the tires working well. If you can get into a groove and into a rhythm here, it's such a beautiful lap, so I've really been enjoying it. But nothing's ever perfect and we definitely have some areas that we can still improve on. We've got off to a good start, but the Red Bulls looked very quick and we still have to put it all together tomorrow, which is not going to be easy."

Valtteri Bottas (4th, 1:39.894): "It's been a tricky day. I had a bit of an off moment at the end of FP1, which ended my running a little early. I lost the back end in Turn 19 and at this track with no run-off you pay the price. In the late session, I was lacking pace on every run and on both compounds, so I'm not quite sure everything was right with the car. It just felt like I couldn't go any quicker, so we'll need to have a look at that. I felt friction in the steering system, so I struggled to feel the car properly. I think it's going to be close between three teams tomorrow, so we'll have to push, especially in Q3."

Andrew Shovlin: "We've not always had an easy time at this track but it looks like the car is working pretty well here this year. Lewis has had a very solid day, the pace looked good on low and high fuel and he's been happy with the car from the first run. There is always time to find on a circuit like this as the better the balance, the more the driver can push to the limit but we have a good baseline to work from with him. Valtteri has not had an easy day, he got caught out by a rear snap going into Turn 19 on the second run that finished his first session and caused quite a lot of damage. The car was repaired in impressive time, but he wasn't really comfortable at any stage in the second session so we've got a bit of work to do, picking through the data and seeing if we can spot anything that might be causing a problem. We were called to the see the stewards for a fuel temperature breach in the first session. We'd manage to set this to the wrong target temperature but luckily it was only a practice session otherwise we'd have received more than a fine."

Scuderia Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel (3rd, 1:39.591): “Hungary is the reference circuit for this track but today is maybe not the right day to compare and tomorrow will be a lot more straightforward. It was not the smoothest of Fridays for us and I think there’s still a margin for improvement on the car. However our rivals look very fast, certainly faster than us. The soft is the tire we don’t use so much, it has greater grip but doesn’t last so long. Today was not that bad and the medium tire was not much better. However, tomorrow we focus on the softs and when it comes to the race, as usual here, we will all be trying to survive on just one stop and manage the race. As I said we can still improve, because the car is not yet doing exactly what I want, and in terms of balance we know where we can find some lap time. All the new parts that we brought seem to work, so let’s see how close we can get tomorrow."

Charles Leclerc (6th, 1:40.018): “It was a rather tricky day on my side. We had an issue in FP1, so we couldn’t complete as many laps as we had planned, which was unfortunate. In the second session, I didn’t feel fully comfortable with the car balance or the track yet, and I think that there is also quite a bit of lap time to be gained by me improving my driving. We will analyse the data and make sure that we take a good step forward for tomorrow. Coming to Singapore, we knew that our competitors would be strong and that it would not be the easiest weekend for us. But it’s not finished yet. We will give our all to come back stronger tomorrow."

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen (2nd, 1:38.957): "It was a good day. We are competitive and the car was working really well in both practice sessions. I had traffic in the last sector on my qualifying simulation and I only improved by two tenths compared to the hard tire run, which means we have more to come. I think we look strong on long and short runs but of course, Lewis also looks very fast. It's not an easy track to understand and it is very bumpy out there but with a competitive car it's really enjoyable to drive. There are always things that can be improved which we will look at now and this race is 95 percent about qualifying and I'm feeling positive so far."

Alexander Albon (5th, 1:39.943): "This was not the easiest day. The tires were a little difficult, especially on the long runs. But I'm focused on my performance and getting used to the car and it is feeling good. The most crucial thing for me now is to get into a rhythm as this is not an easy track. I did have an off which was not so great. I was pushing and had a lock up. I hit the barrier which took the front wing off. It did affect my confidence a little, but I was happy that even after that, my lap time was ok. I haven't been on this circuit before but the sim correlates quite well. This track is so technical with a lot of corners so if I make one mistake it's over. I need to go for clean driving while also pushing the limit. Also, everything over heats, not just me but the tires and brakes, so that's going to be an additional challenge. My hope for tomorrow is that I qualify in the second row but we shall see."

Renault Sport Formula One Team

Nico Hulkenberg (8th, 1:40.324): "It's always tricky in Singapore as it's a busy circuit and very humid. I felt at home on the low fuel runs and I had a good rhythm with the car doing what I wanted. The long runs seem to be more challenging at this stage and I struggled a bit in FP2. We'll investigate that and see what's going on. Apart from that, it was an okay Friday with no big issues. As expected, it will be tight this weekend but we have a competitive package to fight for points."

Daniel Ricciardo (12th, 1:40.811): "Today seemed to go alright. I have a bit to find on short runs but I'm not too worried. I know we'll find some pace quite easily, it's just some small things. The long runs seemed a bit more positive. The car was certainly there, but I just need to put it all together. We'll work on that tonight and analyse the data. Nico was well in the top ten all day so it shows the potential of the car. I knew this would be trickier than Monza, but we're not in bad shape."

Marcin Budkowski, Executive Director: "It was a productive Friday for the team. We got through our program as planned without any particular issues. We had decent pace on the Soft tire and we look in good shape for qualifying. Our long runs were trickier here and it's going to be a case of getting the tires to last. We have data to work through to identify the right strategy which will, of course, depend on our qualifying tire and position. Both cars will be close and it will be a competitive fight in qualifying, where we're targeting Q3."

Haas F1 Team

Romain Grosjean (17th, 1:41.392): Romain Grosjean (17th, 1:41.392): "It hasn't been easy today. We know Singapore is a tough circuit and it can expose your weaknesses. We've tried our best today but there's obviously some work we need to do for tomorrow and Sunday. At the minute it doesn't look like being an easy one. Saying that, sometimes you find the little things that make a big chunk of lap time, especially on a street circuit. I'm not writing everything off, we're just going to work hard and hopefully come back stronger tomorrow."

Kevin Magnussen (19th, 1:41.564): "It was a little bit difficult today. We weren't very fast, lots of sliding around, we don't look fantastic. You never know, maybe things will change tomorrow, we've seen that before – but that's all we can hope for. We'll obviously do our best to see if we can find the issues, but at the moment it doesn't look great. It's very hot here, we need to cool the car a lot, so the aero spec is a bit different because of that. There are a lot of variables, a lot of things that could play into this lack of performance. It's not easy to say these things, but we'll work hard tonight."

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal: "Not an ideal day, as we can see. We just need to work now to find some solutions for tomorrow. FP1, it's always difficult to judge anything anyway, because of all the different temperatures between that and the race. Then FP2, it just wasn't good. We need to look into it and hopefully come up with something for tomorrow. So, FP3 hopefully we learn something, then have a respectable qualifying."

McLaren F1 Team

Carlos Sainz (7th, 1:40.145): "A good start to the weekend here in Singapore, improving the feeling with the car step-by-step, taking the right decisions on set-up and finishing the day with two top-10s. We need to stay alert though, because here the conditions change a lot from Friday to Saturday. Tomorrow we could find a different track and a different situation. We'll work tonight to optimise the car and maximise our chances for qualifying."

Lando Norris (9th, 1:40.361): "A decent day. Obviously it's my first time here and I felt I got up to speed pretty quickly. In FP1, especially the first half, it was more just trying to learn the track, getting to know the references, braking points, all the main stuff. Then we could already start working on the car and making some improvements, which was good. FP2 was the first time we did the high-fuel, long-run stuff. We now have the data to see what was good, what was bad and what we need to improve on – but on the whole a decent and enjoyable day."

James Key, Technical Director: "Singapore is a very challenging track but a great venue to come to. It's the opposite of Monza and has a very different way of thinking about how we set the car up. FP1 involved some long changes in the garage, testing new aero components, so we had a bit of catching up to do in FP2. That went well. It looks, as always this season, very close in the midfield and we'll have to work very hard to maximise our performance tomorrow. On the positive side, both drivers are happy with the car. Lando did a good job, being a rookie coming to a very technical circuit for the first time."

Racing Point F1 Team

Sergio Perez (13th, 1:40.875): "It's always physically tough in the car here because the heat takes a lot out of you, but I really enjoy the experience: it's a track that tests you as a driver and you have to build up your speed session by session. We still have a lot of work to do, but I think we have a car that can fight for a place in Q3. It's always a positive to add new parts to the car and we have a huge amount of information to explore tonight so that we can choose the right direction for tomorrow."

Lance Stroll (15th, 1:41.128): "It's always fun driving here: it's a very intense lap; you really have to keep your concentration and that's not easy in these kind of conditions. We haven't found the right balance for the car just yet and I really wasn't comfortable in the performance runs. We probably got a bit too close to the walls for a Friday on a couple of occasions, but at the same time we have to use the practice sessions to explore the limits for the rest of the weekend. Looking ahead, we have plenty of work to do and we need to put it all together for tomorrow."

Otmar Szafnauer, Chief Operating Officer: "A busy day with lots to get through as we evaluated the new parts we've introduced to the car here in Singapore. It's a difficult track in many respects and the drivers were not feeling too comfortable early on, but we gradually dialed the car into the track and they were feeling happier when we began the long runs this evening. Being a street circuit, qualifying is especially important here, so we need to focus our energy on improving our one-lap performance for tomorrow."

Alfa Romeo Racing

Antonio Giovinazzi (14th, 1:41.128): "It wasn't the easiest of days, especially losing some track time in FP1, but in the end we managed to do a good job in the second session. As I expected, conditions in the car are really hard and I really felt the humidity, especially in FP2. The track is a proper street circuit, quite bumpy, and it's hard to find the grip in places, but it got better as the sessions went on. We are quite close to our rivals in the midfield so the rest of the weekend should be a close battle. Qualifying in the top ten will be really important: overtaking is challenging here and if we start towards the front we have a good chance to stay there. We will need to analyse all the data from the car tonight, especially in regard to our new updates, and make sure we have a good, balanced car for tomorrow."

Kimi Raikkonen (16th, 1:41.232): "It's hard to say where we stand as our first session was quite messy. We lost all the electric power and therefore telemetry in the garage so I had to stand there for nearly an hour and I lost precious lap time. In FP2 we tried to catch up and we improved, but still we have an awful lot of work to do tomorrow."

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda

Pierre Gasly (10th, 1:40.637): "It was a positive first day for us in Singapore. We did a few tests but we have some more work to do tonight to improve. Finishing in the top ten in both sessions was a good start to the weekend and the pace looks decent. I think it will be really tight in Qualifying, so it will be important to put things together overnight to give ourselves the best chance tomorrow. I'm feeling good in the car, which is encouraging."

Daniil Kvyat (11th, 1:40.713): "We had a smooth Friday, we managed to finish the programme we set out for both of the sessions and we know there's some work to do to improve our balance for tomorrow. I'm happy with today and I'm sure tomorrow we will learn more to try and optimise the car a bit better. I think there is more time to be gained and we will do our best to find it."

Jonathan Eddolls, Chief Race Engineer: "Singapore is a favourite venue for many working within the team. It's such an amazing track in the centre of the city and quite unique, as we start in daytime and end in the night which means we stay on European time. One of the obstacles this presents us with, is that because FP1 and FP3 are at such different times of the day compared to Quali and the Race, the track temperatures change a lot compared to the first sessions of Friday and Saturday. Because of this, what you learn in those sessions isn't relevant to the next one on the same day. Singapore is a track where there's much to be gained from the drivers as it's a street circuit, so we always aim to give them as many laps as possible with a car that's consistent to build up their confidence. In FP1, we had some background aero tests which all went to plan. We ran a rake on Pierre's installation lap, and once we gathered all the information we needed, it was then a case of focussing on the car balance and following the track evolution. Even though we were looking quite competitive in FP1, we made a few changes heading into FP2 to be ready for different track conditions. The first runs on the Base tire were extremely competitive so that was looking positive. Then on the Option we experienced some understeer, so we didn't extract the most out of that tire. Now we have a good idea of what we need to do for tomorrow. I think there's margin for more performance on the low fuel runs, but our high fuel runs performance seemed OK."

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda F1 Technical Director: "For the first day of practice for the Singapore GP, we had four cars in the top ten in FP1 and with both teams we were also competitive in the second session, which provides more useful information as conditions are similar to those for qualifying and the race. It's a good start to the weekend and we hope we can continue like this for tomorrow's qualifying."

ROKiT Williams Racing

Dave Robson, Senior Race Engineer: "FP2 is the most useful and representative of the practice sessions in Singapore and as a result all cars completed a lot of laps. The session was generally quite quiet, and we were able to continue our tire work, using the Qualifying C5 compound at low fuel and then splitting the cars between Option and Prime for the majority of the high fuel running. The car is performing reasonably well here, and we were quite close to both the Haas and Alfa Romeo cars in the evening session. There is a lot to do overnight but we will do everything necessary to give ourselves the best chance of a successful Q1 session tomorrow."

George Russell (18th, 1:41.445): "I really enjoyed the practice sessions today. Singapore is a great place to drive, but definitely a difficult track where it is easy to make mistakes. I think we did a good job in FP2, the lap was really hooked up and the car was feeling relatively good. We have a solid baseline at the moment, but the lap times probably look a bit better than where our pace truly is. I want to go out and enjoy the challenge of driving in Singapore with the heat and humidity. If we can put it all together tomorrow, we may be rewarded."

Robert Kubica (20th, 1:42.177): "It was hot and tough, but we knew it would be like that before coming here. It is the toughest track and the conditions are challenging. As usual, it is never easy to find the feeling on Friday in Singapore. FP1 was not bad, but I didn't get the same feeling in the car in FP2, so we will have to see what we changed and why the balance shifted so much. We will look at the data and move forward from there."

Practice 2 Results

1 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:38.773 +0.000s 29
2 33 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing Honda 1:38.957 +0.184s 29
3 5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:39.591 +0.818s 31
4 77 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:39.894 +1.121s 30
5 23 Alexander Albon Red Bull Racing Honda 1:39.943 +1.170s 30
6 16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:40.018 +1.245s 31
7 55 Carlos Sainz Jr. McLaren Renault 1:40.145 +1.372s 33
8 27 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1:40.324 +1.551s 30
9 4 Lando Norris McLaren Renault 1:40.361 +1.588s 35
10 10 Pierre Gasly Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda 1:40.637 +1.864s 32
11 26 Daniil Kvyat Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda 1:40.713 +1.940s 32
12 3 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:40.811 +2.038s 30
13 11 Sergio Perez Racing Point Bwt Mercedes 1:40.875 +2.102s 29
14 99 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing Ferrari 1:41.128 +2.355s 35
15 18 Lance Stroll Racing Point Bwt Mercedes 1:41.128 +2.355s 31
16 7 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing Ferrari 1:41.232 +2.459s 28
17 8 Romain Grosjean Haas Ferrari 1:41.392 +2.619s 26
18 63 George Russell Williams Mercedes 1:41.445 +2.672s 35
19 20 Kevin Magnussen Haas Ferrari 1:41.564 +2.791s 30
20 88 Robert Kubica Williams Mercedes 1:42.177 +3.404s 35

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