Schumacher ‘aware’ but Doctor doubts Schumacher received brain treatment (2nd Update)

How is Schumacher, we just don't know.
How is Schumacher, we just don't know.

UPDATE (GMM) A surgeon close to the hospital treating Michael Schumacher last week has played down reports that the treatment would have involved the F1 legend's damaged brain.

When it emerged that Schumacher would receive stem cell treatment at Paris' Hopital Europeen Georges-Pompidou, many of his fans were hopeful that it could help the 50-year-old German overcome his apparent brain injuries.

But professor Michel Puceat, who according to La Gazzetta dello Sport is a stem cell expert who is close to the team treating Schumacher, thinks the treatment is more likely to be related to the former Ferrari driver's heart.

"Without knowing the patient's clinical picture, it is difficult to offer a precise reading of the type of treatment," he said.

"But taking into account the place of hospitalization and the person in charge of his care, it is not a question of brain treatment."

He said some experimental brain stem cell treatments have been tried in Russia, while in France and Sweden some attempts were made to limit the effect of Parkinson's disease.

"The results were interesting but only in the short term," Puceat said. "To my knowledge, there are no studies on the application of stem cells to treat brain injuries in comatose or vegetative patients.

"In those cases, the cells are irreversibly dead."

He said it is more likely that the stem cell treatment is to resolve inflammation in other organs, like the heart or to treat osteoarthritis.

Puceat concluded: "Experiments to regenerate cardiac cells did not succeed as it was hoped."

09/13/19 Schumacher is “conscious" after being taken to a Paris hospital for stem cell treatment, a nurse has revealed.

The positive news comes as Frenchman Jean Todt – the Formula One racing legend’s former boss at Ferrari – visited his close pal for 45 minutes yesterday, says a report.

A pioneering surgeon specializing in stem cell breakthroughs has been treating the seven times World Champion driver at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in the French capital, where he arrived surrounded by guards on Monday.

He was admitted under tight security for transfusions of inflammation-reducing stem cells, part of ongoing care related to the horrific head injuries he suffered in a skiing accident almost six years ago.

Le Parisian reports that the state-of-the-art facility “has turned into a bunker" since the high-profile sportsman arrived.

09/11/19 (GMM) Michael Schumacher is "aware", according to an anonymous source at the Paris hospital where the F1 legend is currently being treated.

Le Parisien newspaper this week revealed that the former Ferrari and Mercedes driver was admitted on Monday to the Hopital Europeen Georges-Pompidou.

Reportedly, the 50-year-old – who was brain damaged in a 2013 skiing fall – will receive experimental stem cell treatment. The report said the treatment is risky.

Almost nothing is known about Schumacher's condition – like whether he is even aware of his surroundings.

"Corinna and the family have kept a very tight control on information about his condition and his treatment which, I think, is a pity," said former Mercedes boss Nick Fry in his new book.

It means Schumacher's fans have to resort to unofficial reports and rumors for information.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica quoted Milan-based biology professor Angelo Vescovi as saying he was "contacted by a person who knew Schumacher's family" some years ago.

"They asked if something could be done (for Schumacher)," he said. "At that time, we had made an attempt to inject the same cells we use for multiple sclerosis into the brain of a boy in a coma with quite good results.

"At the moment, we can only make assumptions about what they are doing in Paris."

On Tuesday, Le Parisien published quotes attributed to an anonymous staff member working at the Paris hospital.

"Yes, he is in my area," the unnamed person said. "And I can assure you that he is aware."

Jean Todt, who along with Mick Schumacher attended the funeral of Anthoine Hubert on Tuesday, also visited the seven time world champion in hospital for 45 minutes.

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