Overheard at St. Petersburg – Saturday morning

56-year old ex-IndyCar driver Roberto Moreno is making the rounds in the IndyCar paddock here in St. Petersburg, Florida and word is he would like to land a ride for the Indy 500.

We spotted Dan Wheldon's sister Holly here watching the race in her brother's adopted home town.

Word is that Simona de Silvestro is working on sponsorship for an Indy 500 ride.

Charlie Kimball commented that the NOLA track is like the flat Cleveland, OH airport racetrack CART used to race at, in the respect that you can see the whole track. And the cars are fast at NOLA as well.

One turn of front wing may not be the same measurement with the new front wings! One turn on the old wings used to be 1-degree change in wing angle. I saw one team adjust the wing with 10 turns, so either they really missed the setup or one turn is only a fraction of a degree change. They are still experimenting with the wing adjustments to see the effect on the car.

The new aero kits have created one problem. Where do you put the sponsor stickers now that the aero kits have so many new elements on the Honda front wing and less room on the side pods? Lucille Dust reporting from St. Pete

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