Red Bull to make own engine?

If Horner decides to do their own F1 engine, it will cost Red Bull a lot of money and the team will be a backmarker for a decade

Current tensions between Red Bull and Renault have prompted speculation that the Milton Keynes outfit may be thinking about designing its own engine.

It isn't the first time such a prospect has been considered, as the possibility was briefly mentioned last summer, although at the time Christian Horner all but ruled it out, stressing that working with a strong partner was preferable.

But as both parties mutually lashed out at each other in the aftermath of a disastrous Australian Grand Prix weekend, the probability may have been once again put on the table by Red Bull management.

It is also rumored that Red Bull will have a dyno up and running at its factory by next September suitable for testing the engine and gearbox entity, while a new cylinder head designed by engine guru Mario Illien is also on the verge of being tested.

Illien's engineering company has been working as a consultant for Renault to help the manufacturer improve its performance. Difficult times often lead to crucial decisions, and there's no doubt the coming months will indeed have a strong bearing on the F1 future of both Red Bull and Renault. F1i

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