Pirelli tires struggle on new Silverstone surface

The Ferraris were chewing up their tires after 7 laps
The Ferraris were chewing up their tires after 7 laps

(GMM) Pirelli's controversial 2019 tires are getting a special workout this weekend at Silverstone.

The British GP venue has been completely resurfaced, following problems with an earlier resurfacing and the cancellation of the MotoGP race last year.

But the new surface's debut on Friday saw the F1 drivers struggle with extreme and highly visible wear on their 2019 Pirellis.

"It was a question of how far you dare to go with it," Renault technical boss Marcin Budkowski said.

Sebastian Vettel even gave it a number: "For us it was seven laps. Then there was nothing left."

His Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc added: "I had so much degradation, graining and blistering on the front left tire."

But Pirelli's Mario Isola is not overly alarmed, saying the wear should improve over the weekend as more rubber goes down.

"In 2017 during the Barcelona tests, we had a similar thing with the new asphalt there," he said.

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