Final Weekend TV Ratings

IndyCar Ratings up big on NBC vs. NBCSN
IndyCar Ratings up big on NBC vs. NBCSN

The final weekend TV ratings are in and like we predicted, you put an IndyCar race on network TV (in this case NBC) and the ratings will dwarf NBCSN — a bring real measurable value to all sponsors of the series. The Road America race pulled a final 0.77 rating, up 350% over last year's rating on NBCSN and over 1.1 million viewers, up from just 322,000 last year on NBCSN.

Despite this being a fact for the past 10 years when races were on ABC, IndyCar still has more than 50% of its races on NBCSN whose low ratings bring near zero value to sponsors.

Net Event Location Total
TV Rating
TV Rating
FS1 NASCAR Cup Race L Sonoma 2,478,000 482,000 1.51 1.44 +4.86%
NBC IndyCar Race L Road America 1,104,000 202,000 0.77 *0.22 +350%
FS1 NHRA Finals Norwalk 742,000 148,000 0.48 0.46 +4.34%
ESPN F1 Race L France 483,000 194,000 0.34 0.34 +0.00%
FS1 NASCAR Truck race L Gateway 449,000 153,000 0.28 0.37 -24.3%

*NBCSN race

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