Unemployed IndyCar driver now does oil changes for living

Poor Gabby Chaves - out of work because the NBCSN TV ratings are so low he can't find a sponsor
Poor Gabby Chaves – out of work because the IndyCar NBCSN TV ratings are so low he can't find a sponsor

You've seen him behind the wheel of an IndyCar. Now Gabby Chaves is rolling up in a different vehicle, with a new business.

"You work so hard, you know, throughout the week, and then to only have, you know your valuable time that you should be spending at home with your family or, you know, your loved ones, you gotta sit two or three hours in a quick lube place waiting for your car to be serviced," said Chaves.

Mobile Pitstop is taking over the Indianapolis area. Chaves and his business partner, Juan Piedrahita, come to your home to change your oil and service your vehicle.

"Depending, you know, on which oil you select, we'll use that for your car," Chaves said. "Obviously we make our recommendation, so that includes the fresh oil, oil filter, top of all your vital fluids and your engine bay, we check your tire pressure, we give you a full detailed report."

An IndyCar pit stop takes roughly seven seconds. This one? More like 15 minutes. Chavez and Piedrahita hope to use the money they make from this business to fund their own IndyCar careers.

"Really pursue that, you know, that path to maybe one day be an Indy 500 champion, or you know keep my IndyCar career alive and so it's just, it's just a passion," Chaves said. "I get to express that not only, you know, for people, for the race fans, but also just your everyday person that just needs an oil change."

Spreading his love for racing, one oil change at a time. Meghan McKeown/WishTV

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