Environmental protesters object to Bern Formula E race

The tree huggers were out in force
The tree huggers were out in force

Around a thousand demonstrators took to the streets of the Swiss capital Bern to protest against the forthcoming Formula E motor race that will take place through the city at the weekend.

Although the racing cars are electric powered, protesters complained that the event will be harmful to the environment, with hundreds of trucks arriving in Bern to set up the race and thousands of spectators probably driving to the event.

Furthermore, the critics argue that electric cars alone will not solve the environmental damage caused by traffic unless overall volumes of cars on the streets are reduced.

Demonstrators made their point by cycling around the race track on the streets of Bern. The event was peaceful, although some posters and banners advertising the race on June 22 were ripped down.

Protesters also expressed their disappointment at the city authorities for allowing the race to take place. A committee has been set with the aim of blocking future Formula E races in Bern, arguing that such events only benefit organizers and the tourism industry.

Formula E made its Swiss debut appearance in Zurich. Geneva plans to host a race in 2021. However, last week it was announced that Switzerland does not figure on the 2019/20 racing calendar.

Before 2018, motor racing had been banned in Switzerland for more than 60 years. Keystone-SDA/mga

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