Carey defends October delay for 2021 rules

Chase Carey
Chase Carey

(GMM) Chase Carey has defended the decision to postpone the announcement of the rules for 2021.

Some see the October delay as a sign that Formula 1 is crippled by a lack of consensus about the direction the sport should head in.

But Carey, the F1 chief executive working for Liberty Media, says the delay is about the complexity of the 2021 regulations.

"We are a global sport so there is a lot to consider," he told Austrian television Servus TV.

Referring to the recent crisis summit attended by all the sport's stakeholders, including world champion Lewis Hamilton, Carey added: "Paris was about what Formula 1 should look like and how it can be improved for the fans.

"After discussions with the teams and our partner the FIA, we came to the conclusion that it made sense to give more time for the regulations for 2021 and beyond.

"So we are taking our time until October. It's better to act correctly than to rush."

Dr Helmut Marko, the outspoken Red Bull official, has proposed that car radios be banned altogether.

"We have a whole list of recommendations, from A to Z," Carey confirmed.

"We appreciate suggestions, whether it's from the teams or from the fans. Which decisions we ultimately implement is still unclear.

"There is a list of things that is several pages long that we now have to work through point by point."

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