Mazepin hits back at Marko’s mockery

Nikita Mazepin
Nikita Mazepin

(GMM) Nikita Mazepin has hit back at Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko.

After the recent post-Spanish GP test in Barcelona, Marko said the fact a "second rate Formula 2 driver" topped the times shows that Mercedes is "more superior than ever".

Marko joked that the car setting used by the Russian driver, whose father is the wealthy businessman Dmitry Mazepin, should be called "Mazepin-mode".

Asked if it hurt to hear Marko's mockery, Mazepin told Russia's Championat: "No it didn't hurt me because this is motor racing and you hear a large amount of different opinions.

"Secondly, I have nothing to be offended about. When a team that performs much worse than the one I tested for is commenting about me, it looks strange.

"I think a team that makes such comments should think more about how to make their own car faster rather than complain that someone does a better job," he added.

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