Will Power apologizes to IndyCar race officials

Will Power admits mistake was his
Will Power admits mistake was his. At least this time he did not give them the double bird

Will Power went on a rant about Race Control in the aftermath of the race, twice referring to the situation as a ‘disgrace’ and at one stage fuming “Wait until I see them".

Power was furious about being put to the back of the field (lead lap cars) under Caution shortly after his second pit stop, during which he hit a crewman.

He did not realize that he had made contact with the crewman, having braked too late to safely enter his pit box.

“I unfortunately went long on a pit stop," explained Power.

“I didn’t say much on the radio when I got the penalty, but when I got out and the team said, ‘You didn’t hit anyone, you didn’t deserve the penalty,’ I was so mad.

“I was telling the media how bad the people in Race Control were, and going on and on.

“Then I went into Race Control and watched the videos. I said ‘Show me the video’, and I definitely hit the guy; no question.

“On the way out, I said, ‘I may have said something to the media.’

“I said ‘I thought you guys may have made the wrong decision’ to the media. Anyway, I got out of there real quick because it was my fault."

Watch Power give Race Officials the Double-Bird at New Hampshire in 2011

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