F1 should simplify tire supply – Briatore

2019 Pirelli tires
2019 Pirelli tires

(GMM) Flavio Briatore thinks one of the main problems in F1 this year is the tires.

Indeed, many teams – including Ferrari – are struggling to understand the very different Pirelli tires for 2019.

Former Renault boss Briatore, who was in Monaco, told Italy's Automoto that there are too many compounds, with selections changed from race to race.

"From one race to another they change them and some teams understand them, others don't. A total casino," said the Italian.

"It would be better to give the whole field a soft tire for qualifying and one for the race. Keep it the same for four years and then even those who do not understand how to make them work will get there sooner or later.

"In the commentary I hear always about the tires, but no one cares," Briatore added.

Briatore also had scathing comments about Ferrari, who fudged Charles Leclerc's qualifying with another basic strategy error.

"Everybody knows that the track gets faster. Even in F3 the track gets 3 tenths per lap faster all the time and yet Ferrari keeps the driver in the pits?" he said.

Told that the decision-makers at Ferrari did not arrive in F1 yesterday and therefore should know better, Briatore said: "No, apparently they arrived on Thursday."

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