Last year for MotoGP at Indy? (Update)

UPDATE Nicky Hayden doesn’t have to see how this weekend’s motorcycle event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway unfolds to know how it fits within MotoGP’s reality.

If this is the last stop at the historic motor sports facility, it’s because of supply and demand. If IMS and MotoGP can’t supply enough fans, demand will take the event elsewhere.

Eventually, money matters for both sides.

“I’m not a fool," said Hayden, the 2006 series champion and one of only three U.S. riders in the world’s top motorcycle division. “I realize there are three MotoGP races in America, and there’s a lot of other countries pushing for one of these.

“Argentina just built a new track; they really want a race. Brazil really wants a race. There’s a lot of sponsor money in Asia, and we’ve seen record crowds the past few years in Malaysia." Indy Star

06/10/13 NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway will continue for years to come. The MotoGP race might not.

That’s the word from first-year Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles, whose job it is to deliver the best return on investment for the owners of the company that employs him. Whether that includes the motorcycle event beyond this year’s Aug. 16-18 event remains to be seen.

Miles said the contract runs through 2014, but IMS has a brief window after this year’s event to opt out.

“We’re going to make the most of the opportunity," Miles said. “Our mindset now is that we’re going to go through 2014, but we’re going to look at this year and evaluate it right after." Indy Star

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