Red Bull to setup their own private test like Mercedes did (Update)

UPDATE (GMM) Red Bull on Monday was quick to officially deny reports it is considering breaking the rules as a counter-punch to the 'test-gate' scandal verdict.

According to The Times, the world champion team is reportedly so furious about Mercedes' lenient penalties that it is considering boycotting next month's young drivers test at Silverstone.

In its place, Red Bull – and possibly also Ferrari – would reportedly stage their own private, three-day test, in a directly confrontational move against the FIA, who might be hard pressed to issue penalties beyond the kind of benign 'reprimand' dealt to Mercedes.

But Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko told Sport Bild on Monday: "Of course we wouldn't break the rules."

However, Marko made clear Red Bull's view that banning Mercedes from the Silverstone test next month is hardly a proportional punishment.

"You can't really try anything in the young drivers test," he said.

"The drivers at the wheel are just learning about formula one, while Mercedes had three days with their regular drivers."

06/24/13 Furious Red Bull, who are unhappy with the punishment handed to Mercedes have revealed they could boycott the young driver test and even set up a private test of their own, similar to Mercedes, which would breach the rules.

The Times newspaper reports that ‘Red Bull are threatening to take the law into their own hands as a direct challenge to the authority of the FIA, the governing body, and Jean Todt’

‘’Red Bull executives are considering boycotting the Young Drivers’ Test to set up their own private session in a mirror of the Mercedes case. A private test would breach the FIA rulebook but Red Bull are said to have told [F1 chief executive Bernie] Ecclestone that they would take the risk of a reprimand – the punishment meted out to Mercedes – for the benefit of three days of testing.’

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