Alonso to decide on F1 return or IndyCar fulltime ‘in July’ (Update)

Alonso ready for more new challenges. Will he run IndyCar fulltime in 2020? A little birdie tells us......
Alonso ready for more new challenges. Will he run IndyCar fulltime in 2020? A little birdie tells us……

UPDATE (GMM) Fernando Alonso says he is not missing Formula 1.

The two-time world champion quit at the end of last year, with many believing the reason was Alonso's struggle to find a competitive seat.

But Alonso insists that was not the reason.

"I would return if I wanted to," he told Spanish reporters.

"Everyone said last year that I would not leave if I had a competitive car, but now I'm leaving a competitive car that is first and second in each race," Alonso said, referring to his decision to quit the world endurance championship.

"Unlike the Dakar or another category, I have nothing to prove in F1. I retired with 21-0 to a teammate, which has never happened before.

"I didn't leave for competitiveness, but for the things I like to do or to take impossible challenges that I try to make possible," he added.

And so when asked if he misses F1, Alonso answered: "Not really.

"Of course I watch all the races and it's more of the same. Some teams like Haas or Renault are a little worse than last year, and some like McLaren a little better.

"But Mercedes are first, Ferrari second and Red Bull third, which we have seen for many, many years. Formula 1 is a championship that is about the performance of the car," said the Spaniard.

Nonetheless, Alonso is not ruling out a 2020 return to F1.

"Right now I do not know if it's going to be a full season somewhere or the odd races like this year," he added.

Finally, when asked about Ferrari's chances of beating Mercedes in 2019, Alonso answered: "It's always difficult to assess from the outside, as I only see what we see on TV.

"It has been four Mercedes 1-2s, but we have to wait because the championship is long. Although it seems like they are too far away there is time to see an interesting championship," he said.

Alonso at Indy last month
Alonso at Indy last month

05/02/19 (GMM) Fernando Alonso says he will decide "in July" whether to push for a return to Formula 1 or perhaps run IndyCar fulltime in 2020. Recall that the July timeframe is when McLaren is expected to decide on a fulltime IndyCar program.

The Spaniard has announced that after this year, he will not return to Le Mans and the world endurance championship for now.

"Committing to the new season until June 2020 meant closing some other opportunities," Alonso is quoted by Marca sports newspaper.

"In the medium and long term I am sure I will return. This decision is for the short term.

"I could not commit to continue because of the goals I can have in 2020."

Undoubtedly, one of those potential 'goals' is a return to Formula 1.

When considering his incredibly busy schedule in 2019, including the Indy 500 and Le Mans, he told France's L'Equipe: "Maybe I should go back to Formula one to rest!"

But Alonso says that is not the only possibility.

"It can be anything, I feel very open," he said.

"When I stopped in Formula 1 I felt I was at the best moment of my career. I feel strong and prepared for big challenges.

"So in 2020 it can be Formula 1, Indycar or other categories other than those.

"Maybe I will not do anything," Alonso, who is 38 in July, laughed.

"I have the possibility to decide what I want to do in 2020. I have to wait and see what happens in the next two months.

"Being free of commitments is the best way to make the most timely decision. If I was committed to something, those opportunities would not come.

"I have two or three ideas in mind and in July it will be known," he added.

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