Formula E ‘equally important’ to F1 – Zetsche

Dieter Zetsche with Lewis Hamilton
Dieter Zetsche with Lewis Hamilton

(GMM) Mercedes sees its new commitment in Formula E as "equally important" to the F1 team.

Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche was in China at the weekend where he watched a third consecutive 1-2 for the ultra-successful works team.

"I was just talking to Toto Wolff about how the motivation is still high after five world championships in a row," he said.

"Usually people can become more relaxed and lose concentration in this situation, but in our team you will not find a single employee about whom you could say that."

But next season, Mercedes will also have a full factory team in Formula E.

Asked how being involved in both series is in Mercedes' best interests, Zetsche said: "For the long-term strategy of Mercedes, formula one and Formula E are equally important.

"There are no guarantees that external circumstances will always be favorable for our company, so if there are areas that can provide us with technological leadership, we must succeed in those areas," he added.

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