Fernando Alonso Invests In Motorsport Games

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

LONDON – Two-time Formula One champion Fernando Alonso has become an investor in Motorsport Network’s esports platform, Motorsport Games.

Alongside his equity stake, Alonso will join the board of the company that consolidates Motorsport Network’s premium portfolio of esports operations.

Motorsport Games brings together the official NASCAR teams’ esports series, the eNASCAR Heat Pro League, Motorsport Network’s joint-venture with Le Mans in the Le Mans Esport Series, and the recently announced partnership with Codemasters.

Alonso’s new position as investor and board member of Motorsport Games reflects his early adoption of esports and he will extend his personal interest to Motorsport Network’s multiple negotiations with other global motorsport series looking to join the Motorsport Games platform.

“Esports are no longer a fantasy, it’s a reality and something I have been passionate about for some time," said Alonso. “Investing in, and helping to lead Motorsport Games will allow me to make a real contribution to this exciting aspect of motorsport’s future. Esports are not better or worse, but they are different and one of the important distinctions is that it provides a way to open up motor racing to the fans.

“In all aspects of my motor racing career, whether in F 1, in Indy cars or last weekend in Sebring with sports cars, one of the consistent factors all over the world is Motorsport Network. Their scale, as well as their commitment to esports with all of their recent initiatives, convinced me that Motorsport Games is an organisation with great capability and ambition."

Motorsport Games is chaired by John Schappert, who led Electronic Arts’ portfolio of studios and franchises including Madden NFL and Need for Speed as the company’s COO. The company’s President, Stephen Hood, brings 20 years of games & esports experience to the division and was formerly the Creative Director of Codemasters’ Formula One games.

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