Newman/Haas to be Lotus team?

UPDATE #2 Lotus is believed to looking for a team to buy, but it won't be KV reports the Indy Star. Kalkhoven said he's having too much fun being a part of the team, evident by the fact he was at the Edmonton track at 7 a.m. Sunday, an hour before the morning warm-up.

"Besides," Kalkhoven said with a laugh, "what else would Jimmy [Vasser] do?"

07/23/11 After further investigation, there appears to be no concrete evidence that Lotus is looking to buy out the Newman/Haas team. One would think that KV Racing would remain the Lotus team, but there have been rumors they may go with Honda power.

There were also rumors that Cosworth may be for sale. If that were true, then Kevin Kalkhoven would not have a conflict of interest running Lotus engines when he co-owns Cosworth.

Would Kalkhoven sell Cosworth (for a profit of course) and then also sell KV Racing to Lotus who are rumored looking to buy an IndyCar team much like they did in F1?

07/22/11 Chevrolet previously announced Team Penske as its lead team and Honda announced the 4-car Ganassi team. Lotus has not announced a lead team. Its officials are believed to be shopping to buy an existing two-car team, and it might be a team other than KV Racing Technology, which currently has Lotus sponsorship. Rumor has it Newman/Haas may become the lead Lotus team. Would Lotus but them? Well Carl and Bernie Haas are way past retirement age, so you decide…..We hear KV Racing may go with Honda.

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