Vettel’s letter to Ferrari

Vettel's letter to Ferrari team
Vettel's letter to Ferrari team. The only thing they have missing is Aldo Costa designing their car

Sebastian Vettel has put out a rallying cry to the whole team at Ferrari, insisting the squad remain more united than ever.

"Cari ragazzi, un grande GRAZIE per tutti quanto Voi," which translates to: "Dear guys, a big THANK YOU to all of you!"

"Even if we have not managed to bring the title back to Maranello, we can say it strongly: we have done our best and we must continue to do so! Roll up our sleeves, we try to communicate better between us, with trust and mutual respect, helping us in everything and for everything.

"Only by continuing to work together as a strong and united team can we make the next step! For commitment and enthusiasm we are a fantastic team! And I promise you that for 2019 I will give all I can to achieve our great goal! I wish you all the best. Thanks a lot. Sebastian."

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