IndyCar return to Houston doubtful

Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage indicated that he "would not consider the announced addition of Austin to the 2012 Formula One schedule as 'an invasion'" of SMI's Texas territory. However, "I have a problem concerning the rumored addition of a street-race in Houston to a future Izod IndyCar Series schedule." Gossage said, "There's been some discussion about it, but it would be problematic." He added, "There's a difference between running an F1 race in Texas and another IndyCar race in Texas. We contend this is our turf for NASCAR and IndyCar, and if they (IndyCar management) want to put in jeopardy their most successful race outside of Indianapolis, that (a Houston event) would sure do it." Gossage said that he "did not anticipate discussing that specific issue with Randy Bernard." Gossage: "I don't see any reason that we would have a discussion because they know our position" reports Meanwhile, according to the Houston Chronicle, Russ Goodall reports officials for Mi-Jack Promotions, which is leading efforts to land an IndyCar race in Houston, "are not worried" about Austin landing an F1 event. Mi-Jack Promotions Dir of Sales & Marketing Austin Crossley: "Texas is a huge market and is certainly big enough to support more than one open-wheel race"

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