Dempsey Porsche team caught cheating in Fuji (Update)

#88 Dempsey Porsche
#88 and #77 Dempsey Porsches caught cheating

UPDATE The GTE-Am championship-leading Dempsey-Proton Racing squad has lost all points from the 2018-19 FIA World Endurance Championship season following a data logger infraction discovered at the Six Hours of Fuji.

The German team’s two Porsche 911 RSRs were found to have slipped under the 45-second minimum refueling time for GTE-Am and were subsequently given post-race time penalties following the Japanese round.

An investigation that was launched between last month’s Fuji event and this weekend’s race in Shanghai concluded that the cars’ data loggers provided inaccurate transmissions in a “fraudulent process".

The FIA issued its findings on Saturday, on the eve of the Six Hours of Shanghai, also confirming the disqualification of the two cars from last month’s Japanese round.

A line of code was modified in the data logger that artificially added two seconds to the actual refueling times from Fuji, although it was determined the system had been in place since the Six Hours of Silverstone in August.

During the post-Fuji investigation, the team declared that the data logger modification was made by an “external consultant" who has not been identified, despite repeated attempts to do so in hearings with team principal Christian Ried, technical director Michael Ried and a team representative.

The team told the stewards it was not aware of what the external consultant did, although the decision report stated that it “failed in [its] duty of loyalty" for not revealing the identity of the person.

The loss of points covers all of Dempsey-Proton’s relevant championships, including the drivers’ championship which Matt Campbell, Julien Andlauer and team owner Christian Ried led.

It means the Team Project 1 Porsche trio of Joerg Bergmeister, Patrick Lindsey and Egidio Perfetti now lead the GTE-Am drivers’ standings, 12 points ahead of TF Sport’s Charlie Eastwood and Salih Yoluc heading into tomorrow’s fifth round of the season.

Dempsey-Proton intends to appeal the decision. Sportscar365


The latest WEC post-race controversy comes after this weekend's Fuji race where the second-place finishing #88 and the sister #77 Dempsey Proton Porsche cars, which led the Championship before Fuji after wins at both Silverstone and Le Mans, received time penalties, and notice of a further investigation, again into fueling-related issues.

In the first instance, the Fuji result has changed with time penalties applied to the #88 which dropped the car from its second place at the line down to fifth after minimum fueling times were breached by both cars. Read all the Stewards Decisions on the matter

Potentially even more serious though are a pair of related Stewards decisions that state that the sensors monitoring the fueling logs from both cars were “found sending a signal that was….. intentionally modified before being sent to the FIA datalogger."

The team have denied any knowledge of such a function and the Stewards have directed an investigation by the FIA Technical Delegates before the next FIA WEC round at Shanghai next month.

Revised Result

Pos No. Drivers Car Class Laps Behind Gap
1 7 M. Conway/K. Kobayashi/J. Lopez Toyota TS050 – Hybrid LMP1 H 230 0.000s 0.000s
2 8 S. Buemi/K. Nakajima/F. Alonso Toyota TS050 – Hybrid LMP1 H 230 11.440 11.440
3 1 N. Jani/A. Lotterer/B. Senna Rebellion R13 – Gibson LMP1 226 4 L 4 L
4 11 M. Aleshin/V. Petrov/J. Button BR Engineering BR1 – AER LMP1 219 11 L 7 L
5 4 O. Webb/T. Dillmann/J. Rossiter Enso CLM P1/01 – Nismo LMP1 219 11 L 23.154
6 37 J. Jaafar/W. Tan/N. Jeffri Oreca 07 – Gibson LMP2 217 13 L 2 L
7 38 H. Tung/G. Aubry/S. Richelmi Oreca 07 – Gibson LMP2 217 13 L 26.087
8 36 N. Lapierre/A. Negṛo/P. Thiriet Alpine A470 РGibson LMP2 217 13 L 18.311
9 28 F. Perrodo/M. Vaxiviere/J. Vergne Oreca 07 – Gibson LMP2 216 14 L 1 L
10 50 E. Creed/R. Ricci/K. Ihara Ligier JSP217 – Gibson LMP2 211 19 L 5 L
11 92 M. Christensen/K. Estre Porsche 911 RSR GTE-Pro 207 23 L 4 L
12 82 T. Blomqvist/A. Da Costa BMW M8 GTE GTE-Pro 207 23 L 12.186
13 67 A. Priaulx/H. Tincknell Ford GT GTE-Pro 207 23 L 13.056
14 51 A. Pier Guidi/J. Calado Ferrari 488 GTE EVO GTE-Pro 207 23 L 24.891
15 91 R. Lietz/G. Bruni Porsche 911 RSR GTE-Pro 207 23 L 28.801
16 95 M. Sørensen/N. Thiim Aston Martin Vantage GTE-Pro 206 24 L 1 L
17 81 M. Tomczyk/N. Catsburg BMW M8 GTE GTE-Pro 206 24 L 7.794
18 66 S. Mücke/O. Pla Ford GT GTE-Pro 206 24 L 18.154
19 97 A. Lynn/M. Martin Aston Martin Vantage GTE-Pro 206 24 L 40.189
20 31 R. Gonzalez/P. Maldonado/A. Davidson Oreca 07 – Gibson LMP2 205 25 L 1 L
21 29 F. Van Eerd/Van Der Garde/De Vries Dallara P217 – Gibson LMP2 204 26 L 1 L
22 71 D. Rigon/S. Bird Ferrari 488 GTE EVO GTE-Pro 202 28 L 2 L
23 56 J. Bergmeister/P. Lindsey/E. Perfetti Porsche 911 RSR GTE-Am 201 29 L 1 L
24 90 S. Yoluc/J. Adam/C. Eastwood Aston Martin Vantage GTE-Am 201 29 L 28.434
25 98 P. Dalla Lana/P. Lamy/M. Lauda Aston Martin Vantage GTE-Am 201 29 L 38.253
26 86 M. Wainwright/B. Barker/T. Preining Porsche 911 RSR GTE-Am 201 29 L 16.890
27 88 S. Hoshino/G. Roda Jr/M. Cairoli Porsche 911 RSR GTE-Am 201 29 L 12.361
28 54 T. Flohr/F. Castellacci/G. Fisichella Ferrari F488 GTE GTE-Am 200 30 L 1 L
29 61 W. Mok/K. Sawa/M. Griffin Ferrari F488 GTE GTE-Am 200 30 L 0.251
30 77 C. Ried/J. Andlauer/M. Campbell Porsche 911 RSR GTE-Am 176 54 L 24 L
DNF 10 J. Allen/B. Hanley BR Engineering BR1 LMP1 179
DNF 17 S. Sarrazin/E. Orudzhev/M. Isaakyan BR Engineering BR1 LMP1 132
DNF 3 M. Beche/T. Laurent/G. Menezes Rebellion R13 – Gibson LMP1 23
DNF 70 M. Ishikawa/O. Beretta/E. Cheever Ferrari F488 GTE GTE-Am 14

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