Racing will return to the Milwaukee Mile oval

Milwaukee Mile
Milwaukee Mile

ext Father’s Day weekend, the Milwaukee Mile will host its first oval-track race since 2015, the ARCA Midwest Tour and event promoter Bob Sargent said Friday.

“This is an interesting situation; I was there (several) years, approached the fair board and we were looking at a date and a sanction and it just didn’t pan out," Sargent said in a telephone interview. “So I’ve had my little relationship there, my feelers, so we kept looking at that facility we wanted to add to our list."

The Midwest Tour, then under the ASA umbrella and different ownership, raced at the Mile from 2012-’14. The first of those was exceptionally well received, but by the third time, the crowd was negligible.

“Hopefully we’re going to duplicate the first year and fill the grandstand," Sargent said. “We are very conscious of what happened there.

“That’s what we do; we go in there and evaluate the good things, the bad things, the positives, negatives. Hopefully we bring all the positives and we become aware of the negatives of the past and don’t do it again." JSOnline