Belskus “The sky is not falling”

Jeff Belskus, when asked about all the recent layoffs and changes at the Speedway despite new sponsorship for the IRL and other positive results of late responded assuringly that "The sky is not falling"

They have made major changes in catering and golf course operations, and sliced the month of May to cut costs.

Well, this really is not any different than any other company these days in a business that relies on disposable income of consumers. In fact, we can take these moves as reassuring in a certain respect, as it is a sign that things are being managed properly.

Cutting the month of May seems more like a move to be able to fit another race in the schedule. This makes sense, because they can likely bring in positive revenue from an additional sanction fee, rather than incur the expense of playing to empty grandstands for practice and qualifying days that really don't change the race day crowd, which is all the event draws in today’s racing market and overall economy.

So perhaps they have the right guy in there, who is pure business, and knows what needs to be done to make sure the George family isn't eating soup and washing their socks in the sink. After all, it is a pretty big house to keep.

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