Musk says Tesla will be cash-flow positive ‘all quarters going forward’

Elon Musk (L) is going to make Bob Lutz (R) swallow his filthy cigar
Elon Musk (L) is going to make cocky Bob Lutz (R) swallow his filthy cigar. Lutz predicted Tesla demise with 100% certainty

Tesla Inc. is not “staring death in the face," will likely be cash-flow positive for all quarters going forward, and doesn’t need more investment for now, Chief Executive Elon Musk said this week.

Musk spoke during a Recode Decode podcast released on Friday, saying he is back at a “manageable" 80-hour, 90-hour work week as Tesla is “over the hump" with the Model 3 production.

“Up until around September, we were really faced with, like, ‘we must solve this or we’re going to die,’ constantly. I feel like we’re no longer in the staring-death-in-the-face situation," Musk said.

Tesla last week reported a surprise GAAP and adjusted third-quarter profit and better-than-expected quarterly sales, sending the company stock higher. A calm and collected Musk on the post-earnings conference call with analysts boosted shares further.

How did Musk change the automotive world? He's a visionary, and just far more intelligent than the Bob Lutz's of the world.